Javiera Garcia, CornucopiaCrafts


I am maker local to Somerville MA. As a proud queer Latina, my work celebrates intersections of identity, expression, and creativity. All pieces are slow-made and handcrafted, sure to add a unique pop to any look.


instagram: @CornucopiaCrafts
venmo: @JavieraGarcia

What can you do to support this artist?
1. Publicity and exposure for social media accounts (followers and likes).
2. Product purchases.
3. Small business mentorship/coaching. 

Atlas Moon Rodígruez-Decker

Painter, Performance artist, Maker, Ceramicist, Installation Artist/Sculptor

Inspired by the natural textures and island-rainforest landscapes of Puerto Rico, my decorative work often features robust colors with a maximalist approach. The porcelain ceramic work as well as the oil paintings, challenge the sanctity of the historically elitist materials with abstracted sceneries and asymmetrical design elements. My performance and sculptural work tends to focus on my path as a transgender latinx person. Using ceramics as a main medium, I aim challenge my viewers perceptions of others and themselves.

instagram: @plainboyceramics

venmo: @mooniebeam

What can you do to support this artist?
1. Buying my work.
2. Commissioning a piece.
3. Sharing my work. 

Bella Steele

Maker, Furniture-like Objects 

I am interested in the simplicity of objects with the intention to fulfill a direct and intentional purpose. Contemporary consumerism emphasizes ease of use and the disposable nature of things - furniture-like objects are a house specific, utilitarian yet appealing object.

instagram: @_bellaworks

venmo: @_bellaworks

What can you do to support this artist?
1. Commission a furniture-like object - let's talk about your idea and what you want done! Email steelbella(at)aol(dot)com with any inquiries.
2. Purchase an object. Trade suggestions are always welcome! 

Soyoung L Kim


Painter, Writer, Installation Artist/Sculptor

Through my art, I seek to convey a place that exists in all our unconscious, a place where we are free to feel, to express, to be accepted. Because of the many displacements in my life, home is something I have had to carry within me and is expressed through my art. With the marks I make on the canvas with a paintbrush or the marks I make on paper with a pen or a pencil, I hope to not only remember all the places I have lived in so that I have a sense of home in my own memory, but also to leave behind something of myself for those places to remember me.

instagram: @soyounglkim

venmo: @soyounglkim

What can you do to support this artist?
1. The best way to support me is to buy my art. You can find my artwork for sale here or here (special shout out to ArtFare as it is an online gallery run by women)!
2. I am also open to commissions for paintings, murals and installations. Collaborations are welcome too! 

Julia Emiliani

Illustrator, Painter, Graphic Designer

Julia is an illustrator, designer & artist living and work in Boston. She earned a BFA in Illustration from Massachusetts College of Art and Design. While working full time as an illustrator at Wayfair, Julia also runs an Etsy shop of illustrated goods called Over it Studio. When she's not making art, you can find Julia at a bodega petting their cat for far too long, curating her collection of vintage objects, dreaming of fashion, and trying to be a good plant mom.

instagram: @juliaemiliani

What can you do to support this artist?
1. Buy an illustrated good from Julia's Etsy shop, Over it Studio.
2. Share Julia's work on instagram!
3. Reach out to Julia with fun freelance projects (painting commissions, mural opportunities)! 

Kayla Joliat

24x24x1.5%22 side.jpgPainter, Printmaker

I majored in printmaking, and graduated with a BFA from Massachusetts College of Art and Design. I primarily create lithographic prints and acrylic paintings. Moments in natural spaces captivate me. They affect me in how they are stored and later distorted as I recollect them. I compose my work by creating flattened abstract landscapes that layer my memories of places and experiences.

instagram: @kayla_joliat.art
venmo: @Kayla-Joliat

What can you do to support this artist?
1. Buying art from my shop.
2. Liking and sharing my instagram page and posts.
3. Buying my handmade clothing

Ally Thatcher, Fallen Cargo

Photographer, Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Installation Artist/Sculptor

I'm an independent designer that has dedicated my art + design practice to protecting and preserving black culture. So much of our history is whitewashed and I find that to be a form of violence. The work I do for Fallen Cargo is designed to peel back the layers of whitewashed history in order to understand our truth. We must look into our past and our present to understand our future.

instagram: @fallencargo
venmo: @ally-thatcher-1 

What can you do to support this artist?
1. Buy some merch on fallencargo.com.
2. Share my content with those who might connect with it.
3. Decolonize, spark meaningful conversations, and think critically.


Elizabeth Song, E Song Ceramics


I mainly make tableware because I love how functional ceramics are an intersection between art, design, and craft. I am inspired by the world around me and try to capture small moments and memories in my pieces. I like to work with repetitive symbols and motifs and aim for my pieces to be unique enough to stand on its own but also cohesive enough to be used as a set. I am interested in how objects can play a subtle, quiet, but necessary role in food and living.

instagram: @esongceramics
venmo: @tinynug 

What can you do to support this artist?
1. "Sharing my work on social media is super helpful! As an artist that relies heavily on instagram to sell work, I am truly grateful for everyone who shares and interacts with my posts."

2. "If you like my work and are financially able, purchasing something from my shop :)"


Loretta Park

Maker, Teacher,Installation Artist/Sculptor, Mixed media Artist
I sew, braid, paint, cut, and crush objects to create works that are impractical and function-less. In doing so, I build abstract forms that are non-representational but reference the real world.

instagram: @bertypark

What can you do to support this artist?

1. Follow Loretta on social media.
2. If you are able, donate to help artists at
Arts and Culture Leaders of Color Emergency Fund, Artist Relief or CERF




Leena Cho

Painter, Maker

Leena Cho is a painter, ceramist, and musician. Her work is a study, yet also a play, of the poetics in memory, spirituality and philosophy.

instagram: @leenacho_art
venmo: @leena-cho

What can you do to support this artist?

1. Follow, like, and share Leena's work through social media.
2. Look out for occasional updates to Leena's shop! Sign up for updates here!
3. Commissions are always fun!


Farrah Jean

Graphic Designer, Creative Director, Stylist, Web Developer 

Representing BIPOC folx gracefully in multiple avenues.

venmo: @flosscett
instagram: @farrahevita

What can you do to support this artist?
1. Book or pre-book Farrah for styling, graphic design, creative direction or web development.
2. Refer clients to Farrah.

3. Any financial support. "I had to cancel gigs and my job is shut down during this time."


Musician, Teacher, Writer, Performing Poet

Dzidzor [jee-jaw] is an African folklore, performance poet, author and entrepreneur, residing in Boston where she works with youth, leads poetry workshops, and hosts monthly curated jam sessions formally known as the “Black Cotton Club.”

venmo: @dzidzordzidzor 

What can you do to support this artist?
1. “Stream or purchase my new project Bush Woman.
2. “Book me for writing workshops/to perform at virtual shows.”
3. “Subscribe to my newsletter.” 


Callie Mastrianni

Illustrator, Maker, Ceramicist, Knitter

I am an illustrator, potter, knitter, and craftsperson based in the Boston area. I make comics and functional objects intended to be brought into your daily routines, and to encourage indulgence and celebration of comfort.

instagram: @bugspraycallie
venmo: @Callie-Mastrianni 

What can you do to support this artist?
1. Share work on instagram.
2. Buy a piece through instagram.
3. Commission a custom piece. 


Kelsey Kassis

Photographer, Illustrator, Maker, Graphic Designer

"I’m an illustrator/maker studying graphic design in Boston. My work attempts to focus on identity dysmorphia and finding home in an other-ed body (fat, femme, queer, middle eastern). Sometimes it’s about connecting to my culture that I grew up very separate from. Sometimes it’s trying to heal from trauma, sometimes it's just making things that bring me joy."

instagram: @kelseykassis
venmo: @Kelsey-kassis 

What can you do to support this artist?
1. "Share my work."
2. "If they can afford to, commission me! I’ve been doing some lil portraits for $15 but it’s not the extent of things I make and I’m open to lots of things!" DM Kelsey to inquire.
3. "Other than that, just support local artists in general!" (Check out our Resources tab for great organizations to donate to). 


Allison Tanenhaus

Collage artist, Graphic Designer, Writer, Digital Abstract Artist

Allison Tanenhaus is a Boston-based digital glitch artist who specializes in abstract geometrics, vibrant color fields, optical perspectives, playful patterns, mind-bending motion, and unexpected dimensional qualities. Her source material consists of daily photographs, previous glitch works, and vintage artifacts that she digitally alters via smartphone. Created with equal parts deliberation and experimentation, the results are rainbow-hued, architectural, fantastical compositions that take on a psychedelic life of their own.

instagram: @atanenhaus
venmo: @atanenhaus 

What can you do to support this artist?
1. Buy something on etsy.
2. "Hire me to create still images (prints, building wraps, wallpaper) for interior design, commercial art, and environmental projects."
3. "Hire me to create album art, branding, and videos for your musical projects."

Brendan Kenny

Maker, Weaver, Fiber Artist, Craftsperson  

I’m a Boston area fiber artist/object maker thinking about community, queerness, touch & tenderness. I work mostly with weaving but since i don’t have access to my usual floor loom, I’m working mostly with frame looms and my sewing machine in my childhood bedroom. I’ve been thinking a lot about collective loneliness and how we can hold one another/care for each other from a distance.

instagram: @brenkenny
venmo: @brendankenny21

What can you do to support this artist?
1. "Share posts! Really trying to figure out ways to be connected and share work outside of college/institutions."
2. "Commissions or trades! Always wanting to share work (either monetarily or through object exchange, trades make me feel all fuzzy inside, love to have other object makers work and let them have mine)."
3. Virtual classes and/or skillshares. Prices negotiable - based on a sliding scale. (Contact Brendan with inquiries). "I'm good at hand and machine sewing, crochet, knitting, embroidery, most types of weaving and would love to spread knowledge and make craft accessible for folks that are in need of an outlet for stress and anxiety right now."

Olivea Pearl Kelly, OPK Studio

Maker, Graphic Designer, Fiber Artist
Olivea Pearl Kelly is an independent designer and visual artist based in Brooklyn. When she's not busy creating and selling colorful fiber art, she's teaching workshops and private lessons out of her tiny home studio.

venmo: @olivea-kelly
instagram: @opk.studio

What can you do to support this artist?
1. Buy something from Olivea's online shop or commission custom work.

2. Share Olivea's work on Instagram.
3. Donate directly through Olivea's website.

OJ Slaughter

Photographer, Collage Artist, Graphic Designer

OJ Slaughter is a Boston based Creative Consultant who uses a hands on approach to service their community.  They strive to create work that is cohesive to brands and artists design needs. Their work for major news organizations like WBUR and curation skills have been noted by the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Center for the Arts, and the Institute of Contemporary Art.

venmo: @rinne-fruster
instagram: @oj_slaughter

What can you do to support this artist?
1. Share OJ's work. 
2. Buy a print.

3. Book a shoot in advance or buy a gift certificate for a shoot for someone - they don't expire.
4. "Help me pay for my monthly website subscription till this eases up."


Fashion designer  

Villada Michelle is a designer, stylist and visual performance artist who uses fashion to explore intersections between fantasy, traditional dress and popular culture. Villada’s work comments on visual politics, challenges ideas of femininity, and highlights the importance of serving a look.  

instagram: @viiivillada
venmo: @villadamichelle 

What can you do to support this artist?
1. "Buy one of my masks!"
2. "Commission me!" Contact Villada at contactvillada(at)gmail(dot)com
4. "Share my work!"

Alison Vu, Avu Jewelry


Avu Jewelry is a collection of polymer clay and metal statement jewelry.  Each piece is crafted by hand by Alison Vu in Massachusetts.  The collection features bold minimalist pieces you can use to enhance your own unique style. 

instagram: @avujewelry
venmo: @Alison-Vu 

What can you do to support this artist?
1. Shop!
2. Like and share.



I do a variety of techniques in my work but I love hand building the most. I love the slowness and intention it requires and I love the feeling of being directly connected to the pieces I make. My pieces are functional decorative pieces for peoples homes! I am inspired by so many things but very much inspired by plants, flowers, bodies, colors, shapes and the outdoors. I love to lean into organic forms and wonky shapes. I like to explore color and play with illustration and bring lightness to my pieces.

venmo: @laracecilia
instagram: @ceciliaeastwest

What can you do to support this artist?
1. "I think the best way is checking out my work on my website or through instagram and ordering a piece, supporting my work this way. Or emailing about custom work." 
2. "Emailing about using my pieces as props for a shoot, just finding different ways that my work can be featured!" 

3. "Even small things such as posting, reposting and highlighting artists on instagram or other forms of social media help to encourage each other and gain movement, growth and exposure. "  

Nina Miller

Painter, Collage artist, Maker, Installation Artist/Sculptor

In my practice I work within a rigid framework combining organic form and color to evoke playful moments of time. Materials that I find on the street and natural, strange found objects particularly interest me. My work involves experimenting with combinations of discarded materials and fabricated form. By using color and surface treatment on these collected forms, I create compositions focused on memory, nostalgia and childhood. The marks and colors applied to forms and canvas are thoughtful yet come from an intuitive place. This approach brings curiosity through mark making and results in unexpected moments that inspire the work. The multiple mediums used within a framework begin to interact and blend inside those moments.

venmo: @ninamiller208
instagram: @ninamillart

What can you do to support this artist?
1. "If you are interested in any small paintings, I am willing to create small postcard sized works to send in the mail!"   
2. "I don't have access to a printer to make prints of my current works, but can make commissions."  

High Tarot Vibrations

Jeweler, Maker, Tarot Reader

Our products were created to help people on their healing journey. They can be paired with our services (i.e. tarot readings) or used on their own to help them get in touch with and enhance their connection with theirselves, their community, and their higher power.

instagram: @hightarotvibrations

What can you do to support this artist?
1. "Checking out some of our products."
2. "Booking a reading with us."
3. "Sharing our pages (instagram, twitter, and facebook) and website on social media."  

Sylvie Flanagan

Painter, Illustrator

I’m a Boston local and grew my art through making posters and art for local bands and shows, and have been lucky to also work on many more community projects. I paint in acrylic gouache and love to use bright colors and playful themes 🙂

venmo: @Sylvie-flanagan
instagram: @5ylv13

What can you do to support this artist?
1. Buy prints for sale.  
2. "I also love to do any commission work and have done dozens of event posters and album artwork for musicians."

3. "I’m also always down to trade prints with other artists!"

Jaina Cipriano

Photographer, Maker, Writer, Installation Artist/Sculptor, Director 

Jaina Cipriano is a photographer, set designer and director. She is creating visual metaphors for emotions she has trouble defining. Without the help of Photoshop, she builds physical environments that open her subjects up to become part of something bigger. This primes the space for an authenticity that is so visceral it brings the viewer back to their own memories. Jaina's work takes the shape of a dream you wake up already forgetting, tasting only the vivid edges while the center dissolves. Her work can be seen this summer at The Griffin Museum of Photography, and was recently published in GRLSQUASH, Gastronomica and The Boston Herald. Jaina is has just wrapped on her first short film, "You Don't Have to Take Orders from The Moon," a magical realism story about darkness inside and outside us.

venmo: @Jaina-Cipriano
instagram: @jainasphotography

What can you do to support this artist?
1. Follow on instagram. 
2. Buy prints or magazines. 

3. "Share my work!"

Deborah Johnson

Painter, Illustrator, Maker, Writer
Deborah Johnson's art is centered around her identity as a queer woman of color and immigrant experiences. She hopes to create spaces that are supportive and centered around healing, learning and unlearning.

venmo: @deborah-johnson-15
instagram: @debs.dreaming

What can you do to support this artist?
1. Purchase a print from Deb.
2. Share Deborah's art work on your social media/friends/family/etc.
3. "Shoot me a message when something I create makes you feel good :)"
4. Reach out to Deborah at e.deborah.johnson(at)gmail(dot)com to collaborate on facilitating workshops centered around illustration, intuitive drawing, creating art in general! Or commission Deborah for custom portraits/event posters/social media consulting!


Kit Collins


I am a multimedia artist based in Medford, MA. My practice involves illustration, custom art, site-specific murals, product design and teaching workshops. To create my illustration and design work I draw from a range of techniques, which include printmaking and embroidery in addition to drawing and painting. Across all of my projects, I seek to use my work to create opportunities for levity, delight, and humor – whether that calls for a cartoony approach to illustration, an illustrative approach to muraling, or something else entirely!

instagram: @kitschcollins

What can you do to support this artist?

1. Join Kit on Patreon! Support levels start at just $1/month, and there are several fun monthly reward options for different support levels.
2. Commission a piece of custom art! "I create personalized maps, rubber stamps, wedding invitations & save-the-dates, pet portraits and more. Check out my website for work examples, and feel free to drop me an email to chat about your idea."
3. Commission them to paint a mural in your home or office! "Even if onsite work isn't possible until later in the year, it's never too early to start chatting about design ideas, talking logistics, and all that good stuff. Check out my mural portfolio online and feel free to drop me a line for an estimate."

Ruth Plaster, Mud Hedz

Ceramicist, Maker 

instagram: @mudhedz
venmo: @MudHedz

Mud Hedz pipes are designed and made by Clay artist Ruth Plaster. They have been described by observers as being “little pieces of art”. Mud Hedz pipes are slip cast in earthenware clay. They are made in molds that are cast from objects, hand sculpts or a combination of both. Mud Hedz pipe designs are inspired by the process and aesthetic of vintage salt and pepper shakers and 1960's & 70's hobby ceramic wares. In addition to being charming, fun and visually pleasing, Mud Hedz pipes are well made, with a focus on working well. They are easy to clean, very tactile and have a great palm feel.

What can you do to support this artist?

1. Visit Ruth's Etsy store. "If there's something that I make that you like, please consider purchasing it. If there's something that I make that reminds you of a friend, please forward them the link.

2. Follow Ruth on Instagram. "Sharing my posts is a great way to help me grow my following and share my work with others."

Katytarika Bartel

Photographer, Performance artist, Educator, Writer 

Katytarika (they/them) is an artist, educator and award-winning filmmaker based in Lowell, MA. Katytarika is passionate about making photography more inclusive and accessible, letting young people do things, and the color yellow.

instagram: @katytarika
venmo: @katytarika

What can you do to support this artist?

1. Buy Katytarika's book here or DM Katytarika for a pay-what-you-can PDF copy.
2. Book a photoshoot for post-quarantine times!
3. "Looking for a virtual workshop facilitator, poetry performance, or educator for teen art programs? I have experience in all three and can do it virtually! Email me at bykatytarika(at)gmail(dot)com."

Nathalia JMag

Fashion Designer, Educator, Maker

Nathalia JMag is a Colombian-American contemporary fashion designer who believes in sustainable and ethical approaches to fashion. She is passionate about conserving the environment and protecting animals and people because she believes that fashion doesn’t have to hurt.

instagram: @nathaliajmag
venmo: @Nathaliajmag

What can you do to support this artist?
Buy something from Nathalia's shop.

Feda Eid


Feda Eid is a Lebanese-American visual artist and stylist from Boston, Massachusetts. Her work explores the expression of heritage, tradition, culture, identity and the often tense but beautiful space between what is said, what is felt, and and what is lost in translation. She captures these emotions through her bold use of color, textiles, and adornment linking the past and present. As the daughter of Lebanese parents who fled the country's civil war in 1982, Feda is guided by her family's American journey and her own childhood growing up as a Muslim in the US. She believes in the telling of personal narratives to broaden our perspectives and to ultimately help us feel the universal emotions that connect us all.

instagram: @fedaeid
venmo: @Feda-Eid

What can you do to support this artist?
1. Share Feda's work!
2. Buy a gift card for a future photo session.
3. Purchase limited edition archival prints. Contact Feda to inquire about availability and pricing.