Elizabeth Song, E Song Ceramics


I mainly make tableware because I love how functional ceramics are an intersection between art, design, and craft. I am inspired by the world around me and try to capture small moments and memories in my pieces. I like to work with repetitive symbols and motifs and aim for my pieces to be unique enough to stand on its own but also cohesive enough to be used as a set. I am interested in how objects can play a subtle, quiet, but necessary role in food and living.

instagram: @esongceramics
venmo: @tinynug 

What can you do to support this artist?
1. "Sharing my work on social media is super helpful! As an artist that relies heavily on instagram to sell work, I am truly grateful for everyone who shares and interacts with my posts."

2. "If you like my work and are financially able, purchasing something from my shop :)"


Callie Mastrianni

Illustrator, Maker, Ceramicist, Knitter

I am an illustrator, potter, knitter, and craftsperson based in the Boston area. I make comics and functional objects intended to be brought into your daily routines, and to encourage indulgence and celebration of comfort.

instagram: @bugspraycallie
venmo: @Callie-Mastrianni 

What can you do to support this artist?
1. Share work on instagram.
2. Buy a piece through instagram.
3. Commission a custom piece. 




I do a variety of techniques in my work but I love hand building the most. I love the slowness and intention it requires and I love the feeling of being directly connected to the pieces I make. My pieces are functional decorative pieces for peoples homes! I am inspired by so many things but very much inspired by plants, flowers, bodies, colors, shapes and the outdoors. I love to lean into organic forms and wonky shapes. I like to explore color and play with illustration and bring lightness to my pieces.

venmo: @laracecilia
instagram: @ceciliaeastwest

What can you do to support this artist?
1. "I think the best way is checking out my work on my website or through instagram and ordering a piece, supporting my work this way. Or emailing about custom work." 
2. "Emailing about using my pieces as props for a shoot, just finding different ways that my work can be featured!" 

3. "Even small things such as posting, reposting and highlighting artists on instagram or other forms of social media help to encourage each other and gain movement, growth and exposure. "  

Ruth Plaster, Mud Hedz

Ceramicist, Maker 

instagram: @mudhedz
venmo: @MudHedz

Mud Hedz pipes are designed and made by Clay artist Ruth Plaster. They have been described by observers as being “little pieces of art”. Mud Hedz pipes are slip cast in earthenware clay. They are made in molds that are cast from objects, hand sculpts or a combination of both. Mud Hedz pipe designs are inspired by the process and aesthetic of vintage salt and pepper shakers and 1960's & 70's hobby ceramic wares. In addition to being charming, fun and visually pleasing, Mud Hedz pipes are well made, with a focus on working well. They are easy to clean, very tactile and have a great palm feel.

What can you do to support this artist?

1. Visit Ruth's Etsy store. "If there's something that I make that you like, please consider purchasing it. If there's something that I make that reminds you of a friend, please forward them the link.

2. Follow Ruth on Instagram. "Sharing my posts is a great way to help me grow my following and share my work with others."