Julia Emiliani

Illustrator, Painter, Graphic Designer

Julia is an illustrator, designer & artist living and work in Boston. She earned a BFA in Illustration from Massachusetts College of Art and Design. While working full time as an illustrator at Wayfair, Julia also runs an Etsy shop of illustrated goods called Over it Studio. When she's not making art, you can find Julia at a bodega petting their cat for far too long, curating her collection of vintage objects, dreaming of fashion, and trying to be a good plant mom.

instagram: @juliaemiliani

What can you do to support this artist?
1. Buy an illustrated good from Julia's Etsy shop, Over it Studio.
2. Share Julia's work on instagram!
3. Reach out to Julia with fun freelance projects (painting commissions, mural opportunities)! 

Ally Thatcher, Fallen Cargo

Photographer, Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Installation Artist/Sculptor

I'm an independent designer that has dedicated my art + design practice to protecting and preserving black culture. So much of our history is whitewashed and I find that to be a form of violence. The work I do for Fallen Cargo is designed to peel back the layers of whitewashed history in order to understand our truth. We must look into our past and our present to understand our future.

instagram: @fallencargo
venmo: @ally-thatcher-1 

What can you do to support this artist?
1. Buy some merch on fallencargo.com.
2. Share my content with those who might connect with it.
3. Decolonize, spark meaningful conversations, and think critically.


Farrah Jean

Graphic Designer, Creative Director, Stylist, Web Developer 

Representing BIPOC folx gracefully in multiple avenues.

venmo: @flosscett
instagram: @farrahevita

What can you do to support this artist?
1. Book or pre-book Farrah for styling, graphic design, creative direction or web development.
2. Refer clients to Farrah.

3. Any financial support. "I had to cancel gigs and my job is shut down during this time."

Kelsey Kassis

Photographer, Illustrator, Maker, Graphic Designer

"I’m an illustrator/maker studying graphic design in Boston. My work attempts to focus on identity dysmorphia and finding home in an other-ed body (fat, femme, queer, middle eastern). Sometimes it’s about connecting to my culture that I grew up very separate from. Sometimes it’s trying to heal from trauma, sometimes it's just making things that bring me joy."

instagram: @kelseykassis
venmo: @Kelsey-kassis 

What can you do to support this artist?
1. "Share my work."
2. "If they can afford to, commission me! I’ve been doing some lil portraits for $15 but it’s not the extent of things I make and I’m open to lots of things!" DM Kelsey to inquire.
3. "Other than that, just support local artists in general!" (Check out our Resources tab for great organizations to donate to). 


Allison Tanenhaus

Collage artist, Graphic Designer, Writer, Digital Abstract Artist

Allison Tanenhaus is a Boston-based digital glitch artist who specializes in abstract geometrics, vibrant color fields, optical perspectives, playful patterns, mind-bending motion, and unexpected dimensional qualities. Her source material consists of daily photographs, previous glitch works, and vintage artifacts that she digitally alters via smartphone. Created with equal parts deliberation and experimentation, the results are rainbow-hued, architectural, fantastical compositions that take on a psychedelic life of their own.

instagram: @atanenhaus
venmo: @atanenhaus 

What can you do to support this artist?
1. Buy something on etsy.
2. "Hire me to create still images (prints, building wraps, wallpaper) for interior design, commercial art, and environmental projects."
3. "Hire me to create album art, branding, and videos for your musical projects."

Olivea Pearl Kelly, OPK Studio

Maker, Graphic Designer, Fiber Artist
Olivea Pearl Kelly is an independent designer and visual artist based in Brooklyn. When she's not busy creating and selling colorful fiber art, she's teaching workshops and private lessons out of her tiny home studio.

venmo: @olivea-kelly
instagram: @opk.studio

What can you do to support this artist?
1. Buy something from Olivea's online shop or commission custom work.

2. Share Olivea's work on Instagram.
3. Donate directly through Olivea's website.

OJ Slaughter

Photographer, Collage Artist, Graphic Designer

OJ Slaughter is a Boston based Creative Consultant who uses a hands on approach to service their community.  They strive to create work that is cohesive to brands and artists design needs. Their work for major news organizations like WBUR and curation skills have been noted by the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Center for the Arts, and the Institute of Contemporary Art.

venmo: @rinne-fruster
instagram: @oj_slaughter

What can you do to support this artist?
1. Share OJ's work. 
2. Buy a print.

3. Book a shoot in advance or buy a gift certificate for a shoot for someone - they don't expire.
4. "Help me pay for my monthly website subscription till this eases up."