Julia Emiliani

Illustrator, Painter, Graphic Designer

Julia is an illustrator, designer & artist living and work in Boston. She earned a BFA in Illustration from Massachusetts College of Art and Design. While working full time as an illustrator at Wayfair, Julia also runs an Etsy shop of illustrated goods called Over it Studio. When she's not making art, you can find Julia at a bodega petting their cat for far too long, curating her collection of vintage objects, dreaming of fashion, and trying to be a good plant mom.

instagram: @juliaemiliani

What can you do to support this artist?
1. Buy an illustrated good from Julia's Etsy shop, Over it Studio.
2. Share Julia's work on instagram!
3. Reach out to Julia with fun freelance projects (painting commissions, mural opportunities)! 

Ally Thatcher, Fallen Cargo

Photographer, Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Installation Artist/Sculptor

I'm an independent designer that has dedicated my art + design practice to protecting and preserving black culture. So much of our history is whitewashed and I find that to be a form of violence. The work I do for Fallen Cargo is designed to peel back the layers of whitewashed history in order to understand our truth. We must look into our past and our present to understand our future.

instagram: @fallencargo
venmo: @ally-thatcher-1 

What can you do to support this artist?
1. Buy some merch on fallencargo.com.
2. Share my content with those who might connect with it.
3. Decolonize, spark meaningful conversations, and think critically.


Callie Mastrianni

Illustrator, Maker, Ceramicist, Knitter

I am an illustrator, potter, knitter, and craftsperson based in the Boston area. I make comics and functional objects intended to be brought into your daily routines, and to encourage indulgence and celebration of comfort.

instagram: @bugspraycallie
venmo: @Callie-Mastrianni 

What can you do to support this artist?
1. Share work on instagram.
2. Buy a piece through instagram.
3. Commission a custom piece. 


Kelsey Kassis

Photographer, Illustrator, Maker, Graphic Designer

"I’m an illustrator/maker studying graphic design in Boston. My work attempts to focus on identity dysmorphia and finding home in an other-ed body (fat, femme, queer, middle eastern). Sometimes it’s about connecting to my culture that I grew up very separate from. Sometimes it’s trying to heal from trauma, sometimes it's just making things that bring me joy."

instagram: @kelseykassis
venmo: @Kelsey-kassis 

What can you do to support this artist?
1. "Share my work."
2. "If they can afford to, commission me! I’ve been doing some lil portraits for $15 but it’s not the extent of things I make and I’m open to lots of things!" DM Kelsey to inquire.
3. "Other than that, just support local artists in general!" (Check out our Resources tab for great organizations to donate to). 


Sylvie Flanagan

Painter, Illustrator

I’m a Boston local and grew my art through making posters and art for local bands and shows, and have been lucky to also work on many more community projects. I paint in acrylic gouache and love to use bright colors and playful themes 🙂

venmo: @Sylvie-flanagan
instagram: @5ylv13

What can you do to support this artist?
1. Buy prints for sale.  
2. "I also love to do any commission work and have done dozens of event posters and album artwork for musicians."

3. "I’m also always down to trade prints with other artists!"

Deborah Johnson

Painter, Illustrator, Maker, Writer
Deborah Johnson's art is centered around her identity as a queer woman of color and immigrant experiences. She hopes to create spaces that are supportive and centered around healing, learning and unlearning.

venmo: @deborah-johnson-15
instagram: @debs.dreaming

What can you do to support this artist?
1. Purchase a print from Deb.
2. Share Deborah's art work on your social media/friends/family/etc.
3. "Shoot me a message when something I create makes you feel good :)"
4. Reach out to Deborah at e.deborah.johnson(at)gmail(dot)com to collaborate on facilitating workshops centered around illustration, intuitive drawing, creating art in general! Or commission Deborah for custom portraits/event posters/social media consulting!


Kit Collins


I am a multimedia artist based in Medford, MA. My practice involves illustration, custom art, site-specific murals, product design and teaching workshops. To create my illustration and design work I draw from a range of techniques, which include printmaking and embroidery in addition to drawing and painting. Across all of my projects, I seek to use my work to create opportunities for levity, delight, and humor – whether that calls for a cartoony approach to illustration, an illustrative approach to muraling, or something else entirely!

instagram: @kitschcollins

What can you do to support this artist?

1. Join Kit on Patreon! Support levels start at just $1/month, and there are several fun monthly reward options for different support levels.
2. Commission a piece of custom art! "I create personalized maps, rubber stamps, wedding invitations & save-the-dates, pet portraits and more. Check out my website for work examples, and feel free to drop me an email to chat about your idea."
3. Commission them to paint a mural in your home or office! "Even if onsite work isn't possible until later in the year, it's never too early to start chatting about design ideas, talking logistics, and all that good stuff. Check out my mural portfolio online and feel free to drop me a line for an estimate."