Atlas Moon Rodígruez-Decker

Painter, Performance artist, Maker, Ceramicist, Installation Artist/Sculptor

Inspired by the natural textures and island-rainforest landscapes of Puerto Rico, my decorative work often features robust colors with a maximalist approach. The porcelain ceramic work as well as the oil paintings, challenge the sanctity of the historically elitist materials with abstracted sceneries and asymmetrical design elements. My performance and sculptural work tends to focus on my path as a transgender latinx person. Using ceramics as a main medium, I aim challenge my viewers perceptions of others and themselves.
instagram: @plainboyceramics

venmo: @mooniebeam

What can you do to support this artist?
1. Buying my work.
2. Commissioning a piece.
3. Sharing my work. 

Haley Matis-Uzzo

Performance artist, Installation Artist, Sculptor
I create humanoid hallucinations referencing commercial and ethnological languages. With varying mediums, (i.e. video, writing, sculpture, and performance) I explore our emotional connection to objects and others.
venmo: @Haley-Uzzo
instagram: @m4zyfly

What can you do to support this artist?
"Small commissions, shared opportunities, etc. Any support helps since I don’t have an established shop."





Musician, Teacher, Writer, Performing Poet

Dzidzor [jee-jaw] is an African folklore, performance poet, author and entrepreneur, residing in Boston where she works with youth, leads poetry workshops, and hosts monthly curated jam sessions formally known as the “Black Cotton Club.”
venmo: @dzidzordzidzor 

What can you do to support this artist?
1. “Stream or purchase my new project Bush Woman.
2. “Book me for writing workshops/to perform at virtual shows.”
3. “Subscribe to my newsletter.” 


Katytarika Bartel

Photographer, Performance artist, Educator, Writer 

Katytarika (they/them) is an artist, educator and award-winning filmmaker based in Lowell, MA. Katytarika is passionate about making photography more inclusive and accessible, letting young people do things, and the color yellow.
instagram: @katytarika
venmo: @katytarika

What can you do to support this artist?

1. Buy Katytarika's book here or DM Katytarika for a pay-what-you-can PDF copy.
2. Book a photoshoot for post-quarantine times!
3. "Looking for a virtual workshop facilitator, poetry performance, or educator for teen art programs? I have experience in all three and can do it virtually! Email me at bykatytarika(at)gmail(dot)com."

Sarah Stearns

Performance artist, Educator

I’m a theater artist born and raised in Boston, exploring international borders, feminism and outer space through original soundscapes, acrobatic spectacle, and tall tales about science and history.
instagram: @sarahhh.sss

What can you do to support this artist?
1. "Follow me on Instagram or Facebook to find out about upcoming shows/fundraisers/initiatives"   
2. If interested in online Spanish classes, Spanish-English translation or monologue coaching, shoot Sarah a DM.

3. "I'm a Bostonian (born and raised), currently living in Barcelona, so donations via PayPal or transferwise at sarahstearnsss(at)gmail(dot)com."