Callie Mastrianni

Illustrator, Maker, Ceramicist, Knitter

I am an illustrator, potter, knitter, and craftsperson based in the Boston area. I make comics and functional objects intended to be brought into your daily routines, and to encourage indulgence and celebration of comfort.
instagram: @bugspraycallie
venmo: @Callie-Mastrianni 

What can you do to support this artist?
1. Share work on instagram.
2. Buy a piece through instagram.
3. Commission a custom piece. 


Brendan Kenny

Maker, Weaver, Fiber Artist, Craftsperson  

I’m a Boston area fiber artist/object maker thinking about community, queerness, touch & tenderness. I work mostly with weaving but since i don’t have access to my usual floor loom, I’m working mostly with frame looms and my sewing machine in my childhood bedroom. I’ve been thinking a lot about collective loneliness and how we can hold one another/care for each other from a distance.

instagram: @brenkenny
venmo: @brendankenny21

What can you do to support this artist?
1. "Share posts! Really trying to figure out ways to be connected and share work outside of college/institutions."
2. "Commissions or trades! Always wanting to share work (either monetarily or through object exchange, trades make me feel all fuzzy inside, love to have other object makers work and let them have mine)."
3. Virtual classes and/or skillshares. Prices negotiable - based on a sliding scale. (Contact Brendan with inquiries). "I'm good at hand and machine sewing, crochet, knitting, embroidery, most types of weaving and would love to spread knowledge and make craft accessible for folks that are in need of an outlet for stress and anxiety right now."