I do a variety of techniques in my work but I love hand building the most. I love the slowness and intention it requires and I love the feeling of being directly connected to the pieces I make. My pieces are functional decorative pieces for peoples homes! I am inspired by so many things but very much inspired by plants, flowers, bodies, colors, shapes and the outdoors. I love to lean into organic forms and wonky shapes. I like to explore color and play with illustration and bring lightness to my pieces.
venmo: @laracecilia
instagram: @ceciliaeastwest

What can you do to support this artist?
1. "I think the best way is checking out my work on my website or through instagram and ordering a piece, supporting my work this way. Or emailing about custom work." 
2. "Emailing about using my pieces as props for a shoot, just finding different ways that my work can be featured!" 

3. "Even small things such as posting, reposting and highlighting artists on instagram or other forms of social media help to encourage each other and gain movement, growth and exposure. "  

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